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Post by bigro on Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:05 pm

A small nation located at the eastern most end of Imensia. With a rather diverse climate ranging from tropical to tropical desert to tropical mountains (so diverse). The small protion of Imensia is practically blanketed in a thick and lush rain forest that sustains a majority of the remote peoples. With a population of just 9 million and only two really substantially sized cities, Derwookly is very undeveloped and remote.

Culturally, Derwookly is incredibly varied with hundreds of small "tribes" going about their traditional business up in the mountains and along some particularly poisonous beaches (did I mention the poisonous fish? a lot of the beaches here have them...but when cooked right are nice) without so much as a hint of care for the outside world. Some of them don't even know it exists. This counts for around 1% of the peoples in the nation. 32% live in a few smallish towns scattered throughout, these towns populations rarely go over 10'000 and most have limited services. Some even lack electricity. Then the remaining 66% live in the two major cities, Katan and Parmery. One having just 2 million residents and the other 4 million (respectively) The differences between the two are very apparent as one is located very close to the border in some hilly plains and some of the first recorded evidence of terrace farming for the world. The other near the tip and deep in the thick of the rain forests, with a large fishing industry and to some other countries dismay, a very wealthy whaling industry.

The official language is Derdgin, but many people simply speak Derlonian, A weird hybrid language that arose from many people being bilingual in both Derdgin and Selonian for many years...and they sorta blended into one. If yo speak only Selonian, you would understand Derlonian but find it hilarious. Same with the inverse. (Think Pidgin + English = Pinglish, it exists. And it is awesome)

The military by world pretty pathetic. What the lose in numbers they more than make up for in creativity however, as it would be incredibly hard to invade this country with it's world renowned mountain infantry, incredibly large anti aircraft guns stationed throughout both major cities (built during the WW2 period for fear of being invaded by air) and talks of an aircraft carrier being built. But that's just speculation.

Ethnically, the country is not so diverse. The peoples are a very standard bunch. Practicing either traditional tribal values, or religions brought from overseas by travelers. Not many took hold though, because everyone was already practicing Eganarianism, a curious religion that teaches people to be happy at all costs. Be it jeopardising another persons happiness in the process or doing something incredibly bad for you that makes you happy. (IE, narcotics, smoking and dubstep) Although over time it has evolved so that it constitutes making others happy as well as yourself. Because the tribal wars...were not fun.

Historically, this area is very VERY old, dating back a good 100000 years (that's the earliest signs, it could have been earlier) Albeit with almost no form of civilasation (by standards, they had manners Razz ) until the 1600's, with it only really taking off in the 1800's. Tribal cave painting, burial grounds and traces of metal working can be found scattered throughout the mountains and forests if you look hard enough.

Also, not that the country does have it's fair share of problems, like having the worlds worst reputation for hepatitis and other assorted nasties. And having a generally lower than average quality of life, considered second world to many. It still has problems with internal warring and extremism.

Politically, the country is a unique revolving monarchy, with two completely separate royal families that bid for votes every few years. They control funding and taxes. Underneath that is the actual political parties which are leftist and rightist in nature with no in between. (there are 3 lefty parties and 2 righty ones, none with any clear lead)

More as it comes.

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