Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower

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Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower Empty Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower

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COMING SOON! (wow, I'm actually starting to have some time to devote.. I like it.)

Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower Amagosaflag

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Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower Empty Re: Commonwealth of Amagosa - The Last True Superpower

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Timeline of Amagosa: (Up to 1744)

2,400 BC - First evidence of homo sapien in Amagosa

1,600 BC - First permanent settlement established, within the Great Lakes region.

1,550 BC - With nomads begining to settle in the west, diversity begins to develop, with the southern nomads getting darker, and the northern becoming lighter. First tribal council formed.

1,300 BC - Oldest boats discovered, suggesting first evidence of exploration.

1,200 BC - Establishment of settlements along the east coast of Amagosa, small hunter-gatherer villages.

900 BC - Eastern Settlements disappear, thought to be natural disaster, or disease.

13 AD - More exploration done on the East Coast of Amagosa

210 - Establishment of the Kingdom of Cyrindel

402 - Establishment of the Kingdom of Montebranl

512 - Establishment of the Kingdom of Akatosh

516 - Establishment of the Kingdom of Tabethia

634 - Establishment of the Kingdom of Samregin

635 - 50 Year War begins between the Kingdoms

670 - Kingdom of Samregin falls, bringing the Royal Slaughter, a practice of murdering all of royal blood of the defeated regality.

685 - Fall of the Kingdom of Montebranl, largest of the Elder Five Kingdoms. Most of the royal family killed, some escaped. With the original aggressor gone, the other three Kingdoms agree on peace.

720 - A split between the Kingdom Tabethia starts the Tabethian war, lasting 10 years.

730 - Cease fire agreement to repel a barbarian invasion of both sides allow for the establishment of the Kingdom of Mesatesh. Over the course of the next hundred years treaties would rise and fall, and the two warring Kingdoms would not rest for another 200 years after that.

950 - Exploration causes rapid expansion of Akatosh, quicking making it the largest of the Kingdoms.

1100 - First Tribal Council of the Western Nations, with the Salisha Nation hosting. 5 Nations were in attendence, including all the coastal nations, the Hopiie of the Desert, and Chiraki of the Lakes. It is agreed that no fighting will commence between the tribes, and that they will only need when needed, with the caller of the Council hosting the gathering.

1465 - Decendants of the Montebranl royal family come out of hiding, and with the aid of local peasants, establish the Kingdom of Amagosa. Though a castle begins construction (Gromgol Castle), the Royal Family decides to fool any enemies by hiding out in a rotating fashion within other homes.

1486 - Gromgol Castle is completed, remains empty for another 10 years.

1495 - With the death of the first King of Amagosa, King Alexander Septim, his eldest son, Alexander II, becomes the first King of Amagosa to be coronated in Gromgol Castle.

1510 - The Kingdom of Akatosh, angered over the land stolen from them, begins a bloody war with Amagosa. Called the War of Divinity, it would determine if the Church will recognize the legitimacy of Amagosa, and if her King has royal divinity.

1515 - The Church calls for an end to the war, declaring that Amagosa is a legitimate Kingdom after learning of the Royal Family's heritage. Akatosh is not pleased, but relents after Amagosan forces storm their namesake city.

1530 - First time the eastern Kingdoms meet the western Tribes, Akatosh peasants and scouts discover the warriors of the Wamatha tribe in the eastern mountain range. The meeting does not go well, and the natives of the East grow hostile to the "stone tribes".

1544 - After years of attacks and raids, Akatosh begins a campaign to hunt down the savages of the west. Amagosa disagrees with the descision, but is forced to defend themselves when the Wamatha tribe attacks them in retaliation. When the southern Kingdom of Cyrindel is also attacked, they discover the cause and declare war on both Amagosa and Akatosh.

1547 - The war escalates when the northern Kingdoms try to sieze their chance at striking back to the Royal Family of Amagosa, and the other Kingdoms for the earlier 50 year war. Thus begins the War of Kings, which also includes three minor Kingdoms between the nothern two, and southern three Kingdoms. They all are wiped out within the first couple of years.

1550 - Wamatha ceases their attack, seeing the "stone tribes" fight amongst themselves. Messengers head for allied Tribes, with a special envoy to meet with the Chiraki since the Wamatha was never a Council Tribe, but wanted to call a Council Meeting about the "stone tribes".

1560-1900 - Unification and Expansion

1553 - War still rages in the east, meanwhile the second tribal council meets, later known as the "Council of 10", known for having brought all the nations of the West together. With the growing threat of the eastern "stone tribes", it is agreed to meet every year.

1564 - The Hopiie tribe comes to the next Tribal Council with news of encounters with another one of the "stone tribes" to the southwest of their lands.

1570 - An expedition to the southwest coast from the Tribal Council doesn't lead to confrontation, however information is gathered to see if the exploring Carpathians will try to invade like the other stone tribes did.

1579 - Fighting heightens again between the 5 kingdoms when Tabethia is accused of poisoning the Royal children of Akatosh, leaving just one heir to ascend the throne.

1591 - King Richard Prior ascends to the throne of the Kingdom of Akatosh.

1607 - Alexander Septim I, heir to the Amagosa throne and father of Uriel, is born.

1612 - Cyrindel's king, King Edward Ewynn, dies of natural causes. With no children, his wife, Queen Ann, becomes ruler of the Kingdom of Cyrindel.

1625 - King Andrew of Tabethia, ascends to the throne.

1632 - Alexander Septim ascends to the throne, and becomes King of Amagosa. The fighting increases at the same time, with Akatosh getting invaded from the north.

1633 - Uriel Septim I, later known as Uriel the Uniter, is born.

1635 - Amagosa rises to the defense of the southern kingdoms, and starts expanding its kingdom up north.

1640 - The capital of Akatosh is invaded, prompting a secret meeting between King Alexander and King Richard. The agreement calls for a unification of Amagosa and Akatosh, and with the promise of using Akatosh as the capital, but naming the kingdom for Amagosa, Amagosa sends in their army and pushes out the Tabethian soldiers.

1641 - A counter attack from Tabethia and Mesatesh fails when Amagosa unleash their newest invention... guns.

1643 - An assault on Gromgol castle reveals another secret, the royal family of Amagosa reside in Prior Castle in Akatosh. After this battle, Queen Cyrindel agrees to join the other two kingdoms, enlarging the kingdoms into the first joint-kingdom.

1644 - With Mesatesh and Tabethia unrelenting, King Alexander sends a joint force to move up into their territory.

1649 - 5 years after harsh battles, the join-Kingdom forces reach the capital of Mesatesh, who struggle for another year against the army.

1650 - Mesatesh calls for a truce, Tabethia denounces the sister Kingdom's action. King Alexander doesn't budge, and pushes deeper towards Tabethia.

1655 - When forces reach the capital of Tabethia, King Andrew pushes, but dies later that year. His son Uriel becomes King, and extends a branch to talks in Akatosh.

1658 - After three years, both Tabethia and Mesatesh agree to peace, and agree to fly under the banner of Amagosa, creating the United Kingdom of Amagosa.

1663 - With the in-fighting gone, the UKA begins an expansion as intellectualism is embraced. Science, math, music and literature begin to make a rise.

1669 - The last King of Akatosh dies. Akatosh's advisors, pleased with how Uriel turn the Kingdoms around, offer to Uriel the throne of Akatosh, permanently merging them into Uriel's Kingdom. Instead of a full celebration, Uriel summons the other Kings (and Queen) of the United Kingdom, and offers plans to start expansion west, and south, since by this time the Kingdom has most of the land of the northeast occupied. An expedition to map the coast is presented to the Royal Table, which is unanimously approved.

1678 - Prince Henry is born to Uriel and Juliet, later known as Iron Henry. For the 20th year of unification, King Uriel is presented with a large statue in King's Court in Akatosh, the first reference to "Uriel the Uniter".

1688 - Queen Ann, of Cyrindel, dies. Having stayed a widow, Cyrindel is left with no heir, and Uriel take Cyrindel as part of his Kingdom.

1694 - King Uriel falls ill in old age and becomes bed ridden. His son is placed in his stead until his dealth later in the year, and then is crowned King of the United Kingdom of Amagosa.

1697 - King Henry begins to crack down on the United Kingdom, including a creation of a new flag in his honor to "unite" the nation. Dissenters asking for preservation of their old Kingdoms are arrested, leading to the name "Iron Henry".

1714 - An uprising in Tabethia causes King Henry to lock down the north of the Kingdom, raising taxes and conscripting young men into his army. Distrust flares throughout the Kingdom.

1724 - In a very cold, rainy day, King Henry was present on the battlefield at the Battle of Leogarde. While Amagosa won the battle, Henry soon fell ill, but refused to allow anyone else to know.

1727 - After trying to keep his ailment secret, King Henry is forced to become bedridden. His wife, Queen Mary, though young, stands in place of the King.

1728 - King Henry succumbs to pneumonia and dies, the widow Queen Mary takes the throne, and tries to keep her late husband's Iron stance, thanks to the second uprising of Tabethia.

1732 - Following the King's Court Massacre, unrest fills the United Kingdom, and public resentment begins to skyrocket against the Kingdom.

1737 - Andrew Payn publishes "The Rights of Man", arguing that the people should be able to represent themselves in government, and that the rights of the people are natural rights that cannot be dictated from a monarchy.

1741 - Continuing unrest, followed by a rebellion, causes the Queen to break from her husband's method of ruling, and to bring in a radical ideal... create a democractically elected congregation to govern, but leaving the monarch with final approval, as well as leaving her the head of state.

1744 - The first elections occur for the Kingdom, and Prime Minister Sir James Earl Chase is appointed to the new position. The first seating of the Congregation votes for a new title for the nation: the Democratic Kingdom of Amagosa.

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